Our guiding activities in diverse fields


Cathedrale-St-AndreCultural tourism : visits of historic sites,  classified monuments, villages of Art andHistory…


Business tourism : incentive, educational tours, seminars and conventions…


Our Clients :

  • French and foreign visitors
  • Individuals and groups
  • Professionals and families
  • Press and educational tours
We remind you that in accordance with the french law of the 13th of July 1992, the guides are not allowed to organize and sell tourist vacations and tours.
Only incoming agents, travel agencies and professional organizations, in particular our partners are allowed.

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How to become a guide in France today?

Guiding is a real job for which a legal structure has been developed for several years.

A reform is in progress:  trainings which will allow the delivery of a professional ID card are set up in universities.

AGICA will relay the information on this subject according to the advances of the reform.


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