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Created in 1983, AGNA (ex-AGICA) brings together licensed guides, giving you access to their expertise and professionalism. Our organisation unites: Every year it attracts new members and talent. 

Our guides have different personalities, backgrounds and interests, but all know what makes a visit special and unique!

1 vibrant organization, 100 passionate guides to make your experience unique

Our guides are professionals, authorized to conduct visits in French National Museums and Monuments. Their visits are sprinkled with colourful anecdotes that enrich your understanding and appreciation of French history, put events in context, explain styles, describing the often little known treasures of our heritage; but its not all about the past – they help you get the most out of all the present can offer and decipher future trends and issues.

They involve you in your discovery of a site, a town, a neighbourhood. They know how to adapt to constraints and make the most of opportunities to create memorable experiences.

Whether it’s in a classical or an unconventional style, their guiding, tour-escorting or lectures are designed for all: French or foreign individuals; groups (school and adult), people with disabilities, etc.

Whatever your plans, contact us and follow the link to Find your guide!

1 committed organisation, 100 licensed guides guaranteeing quality tours

AGNA brings together qualified guides whose in-depth knowledge is constantly updated and enriched through training. Our multilingual members are ambassadors for our region, Aquitaine. They are committed to conducting each visit to the highest professional standards.

These qualities are safeguarded through AGICA’s membership of both the FNGIC (la Fédération Nationale des Guides Interprètes Conférenciers), as well as the SPGIC (le Syndicat Professionnel des Guides Interprètes Conférenciers).Both these professional organisations exist to represent all professional licensed guides in France and to defend and represent the interests of our profession when dealing with government bodies.

NB: Since 9 November 2011, the single title and card, of guide-lecturer, replaces the four previously existing cards (national lecturer, national interpreter, regional interpreter and guide lecturer for Villes et Pays d’Art et D’Histoire).


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